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Why start with Philadelphia?

The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia has a deep rooted tradition of the common man standing up for what he believes in and using innovation as a tool to move the world forward. From Benjamin Franklin to Benjamin Rush to Thomas Paine this city’s very foundation is built on the notion of its people evolving to become more than what is asked of others. The evidence is in the numbers. Over 16,000 non-profit organizations + charities reside within the Philadelphia Region. That is over 242,000 people who have dedicated their lives to helping others in need. We want to be a part of that…we want to help.

Do we work outside of Philadelphia?

ABSOLUTELY! We chose to start in Philadelphia because we truly love this city, but we travel all over and work on projects everywhere. We consider Philadelphia our home base, the first raindrop in the larger pond that is the world.

Our Team

Together – we can be the difference

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